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Plants - by Lake Ridge Florist

Bringing plants indoors is beneficial to the environmental qualities of our homes and workplaces. They have the ability to profoundly affect our beings physically, mentally, psychologically and environmentally. When choosing a plant you will want to consider the light source it needs, it’s growth potential and health maintenance. You may even consider the ever so popular ancient practice of Feng Shui, the placement of plants for good ‘chi’, when making a selection. And don’t forget about the ‘cleaning ladies of nature’. Placed in your home or office these little ladies will help filter the air of unwanted chemicals and dust, work full time and without pay...just give a little TLC.

Of course, you will never go wrong making your purchase of plants based on beauty and personal appeal. Giving from the heart with the intention (thought behind the gift) will always infuse that gift with a powerful energy bound to leave a resonance of caring and thought.